Reactivate your body's ability to reverse disease from the comfort of your own home, with the support of the Richer Health team.

We're in this together.


The Eat Real to Heal online challenge:

  • gives access to +15 hrs of video material where Nicolette Richer explains the Eat Real to Heal Lifestyle in bite-sized portions;

  • teaches practical tools to apply this nutritional therapy in your kitchen: how to cook 6 meals in 2 hrs, how to prep raw + cooked foods, how to do your shopping, how to apply the cooking techniques, and more!

  • teaches the key elements of the therapy, the biochemical principles behind the therapy and how to implement them successfully;

  • teaches how to do a coffee enema liver detox at home;

  • teaches stress-relieving techniques that will enhance the success of your new, disease-kicking lifestyle;

  • gives access to an abundance of sources to read, listen and watch;

  • gives access to a private Facebook group where you can find support, answers, and inspiration from peers;

  • BONUS: life-long access to the course material and updates!

Your body is a self-healing organism. You were born with natural self-repair mechanisms that kill any  cells we produce each day, that keep infectious agents under control, that get rid of environmental pollutants that we take in each day from our foods, water, air, unhealthy beautify products and more, and that heal our damaged tissues from serious injuries and other normal everyday wear and tear.

Upon finishing this program, you will:

  • Know how the body is naturally designed to repair and reverse disease;

  • You'll be freed from disease-causing toxins;

  • Feel more energised;

  • Sleep better;

  • Have better bowel movements, clearer skin, have better sex, ...

The course is very hands on. Each week you'll get to put into practice what you have learned, living an anti-disease, optimal healthy lifestyle, so you can reboot your body back into the self-healing genius is was designed to be.

More importantly, with 1 in 2 Canadians being diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 4 living with a chronic degenerative disease, you'll be able to share your new knowledge and lived experience with family, friends and other loves ones.

Your body’s ability to reverse disease is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Take your health into your own hands, participate in this online program and learn to fight and prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, skin conditions, Crohn’s, ME and other autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic pain,  infertility, eye conditions, and a hundred other degenerative conditions. 

Is this program right for me?

This program is designed for everyone. You don't need to have any specific background. You know your body is designed to reverse disease and you are ready to make that lifestyle change that promotes optimum health.

Head over to the Eat Real to Heal FAQ section.

Join us in this highly interactive Eat Real to Heal online program.


Program outline

The outline below is an example of someone finishing the program in 5-weeks' time, which would correspond with learning a new chapter each week. This is a mere example, you can do the program at your own pace.

WEEK 1: Learn what foods are healing and how to eat so you can "Eat Real to Heal" + BONUS: Discover how to eat more food to lose more weight

WEEK 2: Learn how to restore nutritional deficiencies using food as medicine

WEEK 3: Learn how to detoxify safely from your own home + experience the ultimate liver detox

WEEK 4: Eating Real to Heal: A whole-body systems approach to health

WEEK 5: Apply techniques to build up whole-body resilience + shift stress

I really enjoyed the short lectures of the online Eat Real to Heal program; the information is easy to digest and fit into a busy schedule. Nicolette’s energy and passion shine through, which inspires learning and encourages change. In my opinion, it’s value for money given the lasting health benefits.

One of the biggest challenges for me was also the biggest win – cooking this specific way. I learned to enjoy the benefits of cooking using the long and low method and ... I also made friends again with the potato.
— Hazel

Get Started Now!

The online program is beneficial as it can be returned to time and time again. The coffee enema instructions and demo and the food preparation and cooking instructions are helpful to view. I really liked all the information on other detoxification methods and how to tackle the everyday toxins that surround us. Following a program like this would be so beneficial for someone who needs to focus on their health, prevent or help tackle chronic disease, or as a general health- giving eating plan most days.
— Colleen
The biggest hurdle was finding time to cook all the food and prepare the juices. I overcame this by making a clear concise schedule for cooking and juicing. I also reminded myself that my health is always in MY hands, and by doing this course, I was taking initiative and it would give me the ability to go on to support others to do the same.
— Meghan


"You need to hear this loud and clear. No one is coming. It's up to you!"

- Mel Robbins -

Take your first steps towards healing yourself naturally.  Connect with a group of others working towards the same goal. Our program setting and flow will allow you to relax, be present and learn new habits that have changed the lives of many others before you.