The Food Cure Film: Fighting Cancer with Fruit + Vegetables

THE FOOD CURE film presents an intimate portrait of six cancer patients who attempt to take their health back into their own hands by opting for an unusual cancer treatment based on the power of food.

As far-fetched as fighting cancer with fruit and vegetables may seem, the idea behind the treatment - to strengthen the body’s own immune system so that it can detect and kill cancer cells itself - is the same idea that's behind some of the most promising new cancer drugs and cutting-edge research. Are holistic approaches and high-tech medicine finding common ground? Could a cure for cancer really be hidden in our immune systems - and in our food? 

Without knowing where it would lead, the filmmakers followed six protagonists from the US, Canada, Switzerland, and France with a camera for three years as they underwent a strict nutritional treatment. From the first days until the final medical scans and tests, this film documents the ups and downs, personal struggles, formidable odds, and the arsenal of organic produce that accompany the protagonists on their journeys...with surprising results. 

Check out the trailer below:

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