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Richer Health provides health and wellness workshops, retreats, and online coaching that help you, and your loved ones, heal chronic disease and cancer using the Gerson Therapy. 


Food for Thought represents case studies, research and proof that the body is brilliantly designed to heal the body of chronic diseases and cancer. Richer Health is about showing people how they can cure their cancer and other illnesses and ultimately heal themselves of anything using natural, non-toxic approaches.


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OK all you baby-makers. Wake the hell up! I’m not saying “parents” right now, because there is a difference. Baby-makers make, well, babies of course and parents nurture healthy kids, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Let’s talk.

This fall, a newspaper story in The Guardian from London struck me to my core and evoked this explicit wake up call as a result. The story is about a three-and-a half-year-old girl who has Type II diabetes and weighs 35 kg as a result of a high fat, high calorie diet. This isn’t a genetic disease, it’s a despicable way to treat a kid. Type II diabetes, like so many other chronic degenerative diseases, are typically adult onset diseases. Don't kids have enough to worry about these days - like trying to remain the Last Child In the Woods or navigate imaginative free-play amongst the insult of digital tech thrown on them by should-be-wiser parents.

So, while not judging the girl’s procreators – because they need help too – it’s about time to get down with the fact that what we put into our bodies makes or breaks our health, and our kids’. Start, like right this second, putting real food into all the mouths you love. If you don’t want to do it for your own health, buy a good life insurance policy and do it for your children.

OK, rant over… almost.

Most people who know me understand I approach food, detoxification and nutrification as our primary disease fighter – yes, even for cancer - with a gentle, empathetic, sensitive and nurturing tone.

Perhaps I won’t be so friendly for a moment.

The most common question I get asked by clients is, “If food could heal the body, then why doesn’t my doctor tell me about it and why don’t more people do it?” Doctors are trained to diagnose and prescribe. They deal with symptoms. That’s it. There’s nothing fancy to it. Just like your electrician wasn’t trained to fix your plumbing and Donald Trump wasn’t trained to be a great politician.

Diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, obesity, allergies, and a host of our curable chronic degenerative diseases are avoidable. Simply. Purely. Naturally. Plant-based and easy is the path to good health and happiness. We can eat our way out of most diseases, but why eat our way in?

Would you send heroin in your child’s school lunch? Nope, it’s illegal and you would be sent to jail, plus your kid would become an addict. But we line up at the grocery store checkout every day to feed our addiction and fill our kids’ lunch kits with drug-like foods.

Wake the hell up, eat real food and we can eliminate more than 50% of socially induced chronic illnesses and simultaneously increase the health of our society – cleaning up our air, water and soil and saving our overwhelmed medical system billions of your tax dollars.

Don’t hate me. I don’t hate you. I do hate what we are feeding our kids sometimes. We are all guilty (myself included) of taking the easy option and feeding fake food instead of real, organic, whole foods that we thrive on (hint: if it comes in a box or package it’s no longer organic in the real sense of the word). Give me $20 and I’ll buy you two A&W combo meals, or, I can prepare you a wholesome, delicious nutrient-dense meal for a family of four.

It’s go time folks. Come to me with a chronic degenerative disease and a willingness to change some of your eating habits toward a nutrient dense diet (even lifestyle) and we will all feel better.

Your newly energized and healed body will do the talking and walking, so I can stop these rants. This has worked for thousands of people who reached a dead end with their doctors, where the only option was to go home, get their affairs in order and wait for death to come knocking.

So let’s all start being parents. Rant over. Let’s also support, inspire and work together on this simple solution to what we are being told is a complex problem. We can do it. Purely, Simply, Naturally.


Author Bio: Nicolette Richer knows your mouth is the gateway to your stomach, which is the key to good health. Nutritionist, organic zealot, guerilla healer and soil to stomach entrepreneur, Nicolette’s brainchild, The Green Moustache Juice, Smoothie and Raw Food Bar, operates in Whistler and Vancouver. She has been using good food and a great attitude to make healthier humans and neighbourhoods. When not busy with all that, she is hanging out with her three daughters, dog and partner Pierre (who does not have a Green Moustache).