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10 Steps to an Acne Free Face


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10 Steps to an Acne Free Face

Richer Health

By Nicolette Richer

When my brother was 15, he decided to leave the Sunshine Coast to move in with me, his dear old sister. “The food freak” he liked to call me. It’s true, I get turned on by teaching people how to reverse and heal chronic diseases and cancer using whole plant-based foods as medicine.

I do get my freak on when I see the healing powers of the human body.

My little brother’s biggest concern with moving in with us is that he’d never eat another steak, drink a can of pop, or enjoy a delicious sugar-laden dessert again – bye-bye processed foods, hello sweet aromas of fresh wholesome veggies, fruits and more.
I thought his biggest concern should have been his acne reddened face and the spare tire of belly fat around his waist – not from a physical appearance perspective, but from an internal health viewpoint. A large collection of face pimples and a large store of fat around the middle is an indication that your internal organs are burdened and not functioning optimally and a sign your body is probably not receiving or absorbing the nutrients it needs. 

Within three weeks of my brother living and eating with us his face cleared up entirely and within a month, his “muffin-top” had disappeared completely. When I asked him if he felt any different, his only response was, “It’s much easier to run in gym class.” Being the kind of kid who values brains over looks, his self-esteem was in check, and it didn’t make much difference to him that he had a face as smooth as a baby’s bum. But for me, someone who values internal health over physical appearance, I was over the moon! His clear face and slim waist was an indication his organs were also being cleared out of all the junk he had arrived with.

Skin health actually begins from within, though most teenagers and adults, anxious to be done with the embarrassment of acne, most often try to attack the problem from the outside topically, using topical treatments, oral antibiotics and other products like Accutane which is proven to cause birth defects, depression, suicide, inflammatory bowel disease, and a host of other harmful symptoms. If these expensive big business pharmaceutical treatments have failed you (which most often they do), then correct the underlying reasons you have acne by following these 10 steps to an acne free face – after all, acne is one of the easiest health problems to treat naturally.

  1. Keep the toxins out. Your skin is one of your body’s major detoxifying organs next to your lungs, kidneys and liver. Consume an abundance of organic nutrient rich plant-based foods. GMOs and other pesticide laden foods will only further exacerbate your skin issues.
  2. Increase your vegetable juice (not smoothie) intake. The much needed minerals, vitamins and live enzymes in cold-pressed juices will help to replenish nutrient deficiencies and will flush your organs and tissues of built up waste.
  3. Learn the difference between a complex and a simple carbohydrate and eliminate the simple carbs (refined sugars found in pop, candies, baked goods and most processed foods) and increase your intake of complex carbs found in raw and cooked veggies, whole unprocessed grains, beans and a few nuts.
  4. Reduce negative stressors in your life as negative stress can suppress your immune system and is a major factor in infections of most kinds.
  5. Clean up and clean out your skin care products. While you are trying to rid your skin of acne, I challenge you to only use filtered water to clean your skin, once per day to allow the “good” bacteria to flourish and keep the “bad” bacteria at bay. If you can’t do without a small line of skin care products and cosmetics, switch yours out for toxic free natural products that are not a smorgasbord of harsh chemicals. 
  6. Cleanse your liver and colon with coffee enemas or a colon cleanse. If a detoxifying coffee enema is not your cup of tea (coffee), then eat plenty of foods that support your liver and avoid foods that burden the liver like dairy, caffeine, preservatives, smoking and alcohol. This will also help to balance your hormones and keep estrogen and progesterone levels healthy.
  7. Flush your tissues and organs daily with plenty of pure filtered water and nutrient-rich liquid soups like the mineral-rich Hippocrates Soup.
  8. Restore nutrient deficiencies to boost your immune system. You will have to look to supplements for the nutrients you can access from food alone such as: iodine, B12, niacin, Vitamin C, extra potassium and digestive enzymes and Hydrogen chloride (HCL) if you suffer from gut issues as well.
  9. Eat good oils and fats from avocados, cold-pressed flax or olive oil, and a small handful of nuts and seeds daily and throw out the processed refined oils forever!
  10. Get rid of the extra sodium (yup, toss the salt shaker) and increase your health promoting mineral salts like potassium and magnesium naturally from the foods and juices you consume daily. Salts like sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium are essential for normal functioning of the human body, but excess sodium consumption can damage your cells causing inflammation and a host of chronic health conditions, acne being one of them.

So, if you want to tackle your acne from the inside-out so you can do away with costly and harmful pharmaceutical acne treatments and experience skin as smooth as my brother's, follow these 10 steps and watch your skin transform itself. After all, acne, which is primarily a Western world disease, is one of the easiest problems to treat naturally. Western science is finally catching up and proving that the root cause of acne is not bacteria or genetics, but environmental factors like lifestyle and that which you have most control over. We are what we eat.

Do you know someone who healed away their acne by making diet and lifestyle changes? Do you have acne-healing tips and tricks to add to our list above? Share your stories and know-how with us at