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I love emails from curious people who are seeking safe + effective ways to optimize their health. What I love more is people who know that Optimum Health is only achieved through dedication, hard work, the right mind-set, and a true desire for a wickedly long healthy + joyous life. 

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Richer Health provides health and wellness workshops, retreats, and online coaching that help you, and your loved ones, heal chronic disease and cancer using the Gerson Therapy. 


Food for Thought represents case studies, research and proof that the body is brilliantly designed to heal the body of chronic diseases and cancer. Richer Health is about showing people how they can cure their cancer and other illnesses and ultimately heal themselves of anything using natural, non-toxic approaches.


What turns you on? Tune into the Gerson Therapy and heal yourself.

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By Nicolette Richer

It’s easy to get turned on by a handsome man or a stunning woman, a beautiful set of pecs or a tight tush.

But it’s not all about desire or attraction. Cars turn on some people, sports turn on others and some folks, well, they are just turned on. The hardest turn-on may be finding the passions, interests and desire for what you want in life.

What do you want most in life?

Simple things turn me on.

Beyond the attraction of normal human to human body connections, nothing turns me on more than the human body's ability heal itself. Before the first person ran the first four minute mile, no one on the planet believed that it could ever be done.

Except Roger Bannister cracked four minutes in 1954. Then others believed.

Today, we live in an age where the majority of people, especially scientists, medical researchers, doctors and conventional health practitioners dictate there is no cure for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

I disagree, and that turns me on.

There is a cure. There always has been a cure. Our body can cure itself, heal itself of injuries and disease, and can regenerate when damage has been done.

There is a cure for cancer and chronic disease and we just need to believe enough in it to turn it on ourselves. To activate and reactivate our body through feeding it what it needs to turn on the healing power within.

Stories turn me on. People turn me on.

My body tingles when I meet people who healed themselves with food after their health hit rock bottom. These are folks who were sent home to die by their doctor and they found a way to live. These people were told they would have to live on medication, and the associated side effects, for the rest of their lives. They then refused those pills, turned to nutrients as medicine and reversed their “incurable” illnesses.

Some folks were told they would need surgery to remove major organs and other invaluable body parts. They said no to the knife and took charge of their own health. They did the research, chose a treatment plan and stuck to it. They achieved the results that nobody thought was possible. They chose life and they chose to live better through eating better.

You can eat to beat cancer and chronic disease. I have seen it and it turns me on. To do it, you need to turn on to the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that reactivates the body’s ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements and with no damaging side effects. Dr. Max Gerson developed this therapy in the 1930s, initially as a treatment for his own debilitating migraines, and eventually as a treatment for degenerative diseases such as skin tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer.

Bill, my 87-year-old friend from Osoyoos, turns me on. Fifteen years ago Bill chose to do the Gerson Therapy and healed himself of prostate cancer. Now, 15 years later, Bill was told he had bone cancer. Again, he went back to the Gerson Therapy and healed himself of bone cancer at an age when many people are thinking of dying, not living. 

Most people would think this is not possible, but it is. He did not do conventional treatment, he switched his diet, he drank his juice, did his coffee enemas, fixed his nutritional deficiencies, and he got rid of his toxins. Bill’s body rewarded him by finding the cancer, destroying it and giving him back his life.

What a turn on.

I have hundreds of stories like this. From a Green Moustache staffer that was able to nutritionally thwart a cavernous angioma so she didn’t need brain surgery, to a customer who got rid of her fibroids and avoided a hysterectomy. How about my graphic designer, Barb, who had several miscarriages and was told she would never have a baby and instead changed her diet, healed her reproductive system and brought a beautiful baby boy into the world.

What turns you on?

From acne to asthma, Crohn's disease to diabetes and all types of cancer, the Gerson Therapy has been helping people heal themselves of so-called incurable diseases for almost 100 years. For the last nine years, I have been teaching my clients how to do this therapy and the results have been phenomenal.

It’s amazing what small changes to your diet and to your lifestyle can produce.

Nothing turns me on more than when someone has attended a workshop, retreat or Green Moustache learning event and comes back a year later and says: “I applied everything you said and I haven’t had one migraine in a year.” Or, “I haven’t had a psoriasis outbreak and the pain in my body is gone.” How about, “I repaired a hernia and I’m off my anti-depressants.”

If these stories even prick a little tingle anywhere in your body I dare you to dive in deeper, talk to people and ask them about their healing journeys. 

You will discover people all around you who have said no to being dependent on drugs when they don’t need them. You’ll find people who have taken their health into their own hands, eliminated stress, changed their diet and gone to health.

If you are suffering from a chronic disease or cancer and are overwhelmed by the information that caring friends are throwing your way, take a moment to sit back. Pause.

Turn on to Richer Health support. Send me an email. We are working to develop a group called Sea to Sky Cancer Thrivers. Find, or better yet, organize, an event in your community to start a healthy, progressive discussion about cancer and chronic illness.

Tune in and turn on to optimal health.

Nicolette Richer can be reached at