A step-by-step guide to a toxin-free home

Part two – the bathroom

By Stephie Hennekam

Time flies. It’s already been a month since you’ve started to clean house using this guide to a toxin-free kitchen. We're take this toxin-free house series one room at a time. Because: why hurry, right? Life is busy enough as it is. That’s why we always keep our advice simple and easy.

In this article, you will find out how I clean my bathroom using a natural bathroom cleaner, how to keep those nasty bathroom smells waaay below the bearable threshold (this one is a gem and housemate-approved ;)). You’ll never be accused of having eaten too many beans or onions again!

Another DIY recipe to treasure explains how to make your own organic, inexpensive deodorant. With its 3 easy to find ingredients this is a keeper! Because I know you will want to hold on to this one, I’ve turned it into a downloadable PDF for you. You’re welcome!

Now, let’s get down to business.


Here’s how I clean the bathroom naturally, no use for toxins to get it bacteria-free:

Off course you want something strong enough for the bathroom. That’s why we use Sal Suds in this DIY recipe. It’s a natural, yet potent detergent derived from coconut.


•    2 tsp borax
•    1 tsp washing soda
•    250 ml filtered, hot water
•    1 tbsp Sal Suds
•    250 ml filtered water
•    ¼ tsp lemon essential oil
•    ½ tsp orange essential oil
•    10 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
•    ¼ tsp clove essential oil
•    500 ml glass spray bottle

Step 1: Take the spray bottle and add washing soda, borax, and hot, filtered water. Cap it. Shake-shake-shake it like your momma gave it to ya (or until the powder dissolves).

Step 2: Add the Sal Suds. Add the essential oils. Fill up the bottle with filtered water at room temperature.

Step 3: Shake-shake-shake again until all ingredients have combined.


This natural air freshener will make you the most wanted housemate in rooming history!

It doesn’t matter who you’re living with. It is never fun to be the one leaving a bathroom smell after number 2 … And yes, we all do number 2 – thank God! - but it does feel good leaving the bathroom with confidence. Knowing you don’t have to dodge out of the house before anyone can yell “Whose been to the toilet last …. !?!”.

Another plus of this DIY recipe is its multi-purpose-ness. (Is that a word? Check. Nope. Okay, lets continue and use it anyway). Don’t feel restricted to use it in the bathroom/toilet. This spray is strong enough to make your whole house smell like you’ve just cleaned it.



•    25 drops sweet orange essential oil
•    25 drops lemon essential oil
•    12 drops ginger essential oil
•    2 tsp organic vodka
•    125 ml spray bottle
•    Filtered water


Step 1: take the glass spray bottle and add essential oils and vodka. Gently whirl so both can combine.

Step 2: Fill up the bottle with filtered water. Cap it and shake-shake-shake it.

Step 3: Before use: shake it well. Spray high and generously into the air. The scented mist will release its spiced, citrusy scent as it falls down.


Oh yes, the crème the la crème of this article in my opinion. DIY recipe for a 3-ingredient inexpensive, organic, natural deodorant.

This one will take a mere 5 minutes to make and will be good to use 30 to 90 times! Super fun fact is that you can play with scents and create your own, unique smelling deodorant. Hit combos for females: sage, lavender, and lemon. Hit combos for males: cypress, rosemary, and bergamot.

This is what you need to get to make this deodorant:

•    125 ml organic coconut oil
•    125 gram baking soda
•    40-60 drops essential oils of your choice
•    A glass jar

Step 1: Melt coconut oil if needed and put it in the glass jar. Mix in the baking soda. TIP: if the mixture doesn’t harden at room temperature, add more baking soda.

Step 2: Add your unique combo of essential oils. Stir well.

Step 3: Put a lid on it and store.


The above tips and DIY recipes to clean your bathroom will make it smell so you want to stay in there, relaxing forever. Instead of holding your breath, doing your thing and rushing out asap. And with your newly gained knowledge on how to invent your own, unique smelling deodorant you’ll be getting more and longer hugs from … everyone ;)


How do you clean your bathroom and get rid of nasty smells? Any tips for us? Put them in the comments below.


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