What Your Doctor Can’t Tell You. How to avoid becoming one of the walking dead.

By Nicolette Richer

As someone who has worked with hundreds of people with cancer and chronic illness for the past nine years, I hear the same stories over and over again from my clients. It goes something like this:

“Hey doc, I haven’t been feeling well for some time now. I feel really sick…”


They list all their symptoms; the doc sends them for bloodwork. The bloodwork comes back. And the doctor says, “I can’t find anything wrong with you, your bloodwork looks great.”

This recently happened to one of my clients, I’ll call her Jane. She is a 42 year-old entrepreneur with three kids.  Then it happened – pain crept up the left side of her body, into her arms. Her fingers curled into an un-openable fist. She was hunched over and couldn’t stand straight. She was in excruciating pain. She went to the endocrinologist, a doctor and multiple specialists and was trying to get answers and they all came back and said, “We can’t find anything wrong with you.”

Jane looked at them, incredulous, with huge eyes saying “How can you tell me there’s nothing wrong when I am standing in front of you with fingers that can’t uncurl and what feels like paralysis through my body? I’m in pain worse than childbirth.” She knows; she has delivered three babies.

Then there was the litany of tests. One doctor said she had Hashimotos disease (hypothyroidism) another doctor said she had Graves disease (hyperthyroidism). And still others said they couldn’t find anything wrong. The list goes on…

I once had a brilliant doctor tell me if you see 10 different doctors you will get 10 different diagnoses. Which of course would result in 10 different prescriptions being offered your way.

Cancer is North America’s leading cause of death. Heart disease is a close second  and the third, medical error. These rates are unacceptable when diet and exercise can reduce cancer and heart disease rates by 50 per cent and the rate of medical error – well, that’s just a systemic institutionally-induced catastrophe.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I have the highest regard for medical doctors who go into their profession with great intentions, wanting to save lives and help people. But even with 6-10 years of medical school under their belt, I have no tolerance for doctors who claim to know it all or who tell their patients definitive things about the way their bodies work. Scientific advances are being made at rapid rates each day. Scientific Medicine, vs the 2000 year-long age of “bloodletting”, only came into being in the late 1880’s with most advancements taking place in the last 30 years.

For example, high-powered electron microscopes and other new and incredible technologies show us that we still know very little about stem cells behaviors, that we have tiny arachnids (yup, little spiders) living in our pores, and that our intestinal microflora influences our health to the point that it’s now considered an actual organ in and of itself. Very cool. And thanks to Dr. Steven Claes, our knees have more structurally crucial ligaments that we thought – check out your anterolateral ligament if you are curious. 

It doesn’t take long to learn of the thousands of legitimate stories of people from across the globe who have used food as medicine and high-dose nutrient restoration to heal themselves of so-called incurable cancer and other chronic diseases. Currently, the nature of randomized controlled trials prevent nutritional therapies from being studied to the point where they’ll be classified as evidence based medicine. For now, we need to collect our own data points from the real-life healing heroes that surround us.

For an acute condition that requires emergency treatment, I welcome the care of my medical team, 100 per cent. But to treat 95 per cent of chronic diseases which are most often caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, I shy away from medical doctors and the plethora of prescription drugs and potential medical error that follows. 

Instead, I’d opt to follow Jane’s path. She took her health into her own hands when she couldn’t get a straight answer from the doctor and everybody was telling her that there was nothing wrong with her. She turned to the Gerson therapy, focusing on a nutrient dense, plant-based diet and daily coffee enemas. And it worked.

Within days the pain subsided, her energy came back, her fingers uncurled and she started to get her life back. She started to put on weight after she had dropped down to her pre-prom weight as an 18-year-old. 

Mineral and vitamin restoring soup eaten daily on the Gerson Therapy

Mineral and vitamin restoring soup eaten daily on the Gerson Therapy

With her life back on track and no longer one of the walking dead, she revisited the  doctor’s office for follow-up tests. Explaining to the doctor that she turned her health around using the Gerson Therapy, Jane learned that that particular doctor had also used the Gerson Therapy to heal herself of an autoimmune disorder. Elated, Jane asked if she regularly prescribes the nutrient-dense detoxification therapy to her patients. 

The sad answer: "No, I'm not licensed to prescribe nutrition to treat and reverse chronic disease."

So if your doctor can't do it, you need to write your own prescription for health, as Mind Over Medicine MD, Dr. Lissa Rankin encourages her patients to do. Go to health by researching how a nutrient dense, plant-based therapy like Gerson and others can detoxify your system, rebuild your damaged tissues, and give you back your life.


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