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I love emails from curious people who are seeking safe + effective ways to optimize their health. What I love more is people who know that Optimum Health is only achieved through dedication, hard work, the right mind-set, and a true desire for a wickedly long healthy + joyous life. 

If you do not have a chronic illness, yet want to learn more about Richer Health programs or book me for a speaking engagement, event, or workshop don't hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to connect.

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Richer Health provides health and wellness workshops, retreats, and online coaching that help you, and your loved ones, heal chronic disease and cancer using the Gerson Therapy. 

Long & Low Cooked Dish


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Beets are very versatile: you can bake them, boil them, and even eat 'em raw! You can munch on or drink them.

Their vibrant red colour is caused by betalain, an anti-oxidant and pigment that helps the liver's detoxification process! These beautiful, red beets are the most well-known. But there are golden and white beets that are worth eating too.