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I love emails from curious people who are seeking safe + effective ways to optimize their health. What I love more is people who know that Optimum Health is only achieved through dedication, hard work, the right mind-set, and a true desire for a wickedly long healthy + joyous life. 

If you do not have a chronic illness, yet want to learn more about Richer Health programs or book me for a speaking engagement, event, or workshop don't hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to connect.

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Whistler, BC


Richer Health provides health and wellness workshops, retreats, and online coaching that help you, and your loved ones, heal chronic disease and cancer using the Gerson Therapy. 

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3-Day retreats to learn how to eat to beat cancer + Chronic illness

Your body is your lifelong companion. It’s your home from the moment you’re born, through every single moment of your life.  

Unfortunately, it’s a “home” that doesn’t always get the very best treatment.

Environmental toxins in the soil, water, and air, processed food, stress at work, not enough movement, too much sitting in front of a computer screen—it all adds up.

The result: chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infertility and arthritis, depression, fatigue, or just a general feeling of not being “well". 

It’s time to give your body some much-needed care, attention, nutrition and detoxification.  

It’s an investment in yourself that you’ll never regret. 

Join Nicolette Richer, founder of Richer Health, for a restorative + optimally healing weekend retreat. Open to men and women of all ages.


We'll be hosting 4 unique retreats in 4 stunning locations throughout British Columbia in 2017. Our retreats fill up fast so sign up below to be the first to hear when dates and locations are announced. 

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Retreats are often held in Whistler, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, or Vancouver.

Attending our retreats feels like stepping into another world.

You’ll find a quieter, slower pace of life, as retreats are often situated near pristine beaches with forests and walking trails, or in breathtaking mountain vistas.


FRIDAY          5 pm to 9 pm (dinner provided)     

SATURDAY   8 am to 9 pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks provided)

SUNDAY        8 am to 12 pm (breakfast + snacks provided)


TBD based on location (includes all meals and activities and may include accommodation)


 — Nutrition + Detoxification workshop. Learn how to nutrify and detoxify your body, prevent and reverse chronic diseases including cancer using the Gerson Therapy, and transform your energy levels and mood using organic, plant-based foods.

— Meals and cooking classes. Learn how to whip up delicious, disease-fighting plant-based meals and juices that are so nutritious and delicious, even lifelong carnivores will be impressed!

—  Creative Journaling. Discover medicine for the soul and see your health concerns as an opportunity for awakening. Through creative journaling you’ll create a vision for the health you want, diagnose the root causes of your health challenges, and creatively write the prescription for yourself to facilitate your self-healing journey so you can realize your optimum health goals. 

Yoga classes. Daily yoga practice for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced yogis, to stimulate your immune system, improve strength and circulation, cleanse your lungs and liver, heal your digestive tract, and release toxins.

— Quiet time for rest and reflection. Take a beach walk at sunrise or refreshing mountain walk, recharge with a good book, or treat yourself to a long nap. Your body will say “thank you.” 


You’ll receive a Resource Kit to support you both during + after the weekend retreat, which includes. 

— The Ultimate Liver Detox Kit to stimulate liver regeneration and nutrient absorption. 

— A Cancer + Chronic Disease Fighting Menu Plan so that you can continue your healthy eating habits once you return home.

— An Anti-Angiogenic Grocery Shopping List packed with cancer and chronic disease-crushing foods and herbs for your pantry at home.

— A 6-Week Integration Plan to help you take everything you’ve learned during the retreat and successfully weave it into your everyday life.

— A 90-minute Online Group Coaching Session to reconnect with your friends from the retreat, and to ask Nicolette any follow-up questions you might have. 


Your retreat registration is non-refundable and transferable.

What this means is that if you are unable to attend the retreat, you cannot cancel and get a refund. However, you can:

1. Switch to another retreat. (One that’s not already sold out, of course.)

2. Give your retreat spot to someone else.

3. Sell your retreat spot to someone else.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to email:  


Richer Health is sharing strategies for optimal wellness for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult your own doctor or healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment for you.


Take your first steps towards healing yourself naturally.  Connect with an intimate group of others working towards the same goal. Our retreat setting, yoga classes and creative journalling will allow you to relax, be present and learn new habits that can change your life.