Becky Wilson

Always being health conscious, Becky decided she wanted to expand her knowledge and enrolled in a Diet Specialist program with the Association of Nutrition School, based in London, England. Upon becoming AFN certified as a level 3 & 4 Diet Specialist, Becky wanted to delve deeper into the science of food, expand her knowledge and share with the world what she is learning.

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Meghan De Jong

It is my greatest desire to restore balance to all the broken people and pieces in our world. I believe this will be possible when individuals begin to connect the fact that the food they eat has a direct link on their bodies, minds, and the planet.

As an expert in the field of nutrition, I teach people how to use food as medicine. Not only to heal their bodies, but the earth as a whole.

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Marie-Lynn Tremblay

Proud to be a team member of the Richer Health community, Iā€™m excited to share the knowledge I've learned.

The impact of what we eat on a daily basis on our overall health, how we connect with nature and manage stressful situations is so big it can literally change your life! And that is what I want to teach.

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Hazel Morley

Hazel has worked as a Trainer, Facilitator and Coach for over 25 years, sharing strategies to enable others to develop high performance-enhancing habits, in order to achieve their career goals. These days her focus is on health goals and how nutrition, together with the power of the mind, can heal and protect us from dis-ease.

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Andrea Lee

Born and raised on the West coast of BC, Andrea spent time travelling and working before settling in Whistler in 2005.  As an avid yogi, hiker, biker, snowboarder, dog lover and mountain enthusiast Andrea is spreading her love for Whistler around the world working at Tourism Whistler. 

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