Becky Wilson

“Food is medicine, let me show you how!”

Let us thrive to stay alive

Becky Wilson - Born and raised in Manchester, England, grew up horse riding competitively, with immense love for animals and the outdoors. She spent her time traveling and working before settling down in Canada, BC in 2011. 

Always being health conscious, Becky decided she wanted to expand her knowledge and enrolled in a Diet Specialist program with the Association of Nutrition School, based in London, England. Upon becoming AFN certified as a level 3 & 4 Diet Specialist, Becky wanted to delve deeper into the science of food, expand her knowledge and share with the world what she is learning. This lead her to join the 3-month Nutrition+Detox Certification Course to become a Richer Health Nutrition+Detox Coach. 

Becky seeks to work with communities to help guide, educate, and support health and well being through food and lifestyle choices. She resides in Pemberton, BC.