Marie-Lynn Tremblay


Sharing knowledge to replenish your life

Proud to be a team member of the Richer Health community, I’m excited to share the knowledge I've learned.

The impact of what we eat on a daily basis on our overall health, how we connect with nature and manage stressful situations is so big it can literally change your life! And that is what I want to teach.


I show you how to replenish by eating organic, plant-based whole foods. What to eat to detoxify and thrive again. How to be balanced, reduce stress, nourish relationships and care for your Self.

While I was working as a physiotherapist assistant and massage therapist it became evident how vital human relations are for general health. Raised in Quebec by parents deeply convinced that nature has everything to offer for our wellbeing, to respect it and all its beings, I quickly understood how everything is connected.

Certifying as a Richer Health Nutrition + Detox Coach allowed me to share this knowledge whilst I keep on learning and growing myself. I see every life situation, every meeting as an opportunity to work on creating healthy, happy connections.