The Sea to Sky Thrivers is a non-profit society dedicated to inspiring and educating the local community to Eat Real To Heal - to use nourishing, whole, nutritious foods to activate the body's self-healing pathways, optimise health + fight growing rates of cancer and chronic disease.  

Mission:  To provide education and training in complementary, alternative, and non-toxic treatments for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. 

To increase the public’s understanding of cancer and other chronic degenerative disease risk factors and its importance by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic. 

To mobilize people and resources, to conduct research relating to cancer and other chronic degenerative disease risk factors and to disseminate the results of such research. 

Vision: To inspire lasting lifestyle changes that enhance quality of life, reduce cancer recurrence and that may improve survival. 

Purpose:  To address and help reduce the challenges of individuals and communities affected by cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases


Hire Us to Speak or Host a Wellness Event

We'd love to work with you. Host an Eat Real to Heal event in your school, home, workplace, church or other location in your community. You can also hire us to speak on dozens of topics related to health, nutrition, wellness, detoxification, healing with food, and more at an upcoming event. 

If you would like to hire or inquire about having the Sea to Sky Thrivers team to teach you, your friends, family, employer or colleagues how to Eat Real to Heal, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you promptly. We tailor events for all age groups, ages 6 to 106! It's never to late to change your diet and reduce your cancer and chronic disease risk factors. 

Sea to Sky Thrivers Society is a non-profit organization designed to connect, collaborate and construct a community of people who know cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases are not in control.