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I love emails from curious people who are seeking safe + effective ways to optimize their health. What I love more is people who know that Optimum Health is only achieved through dedication, hard work, the right mind-set, and a true desire for a wickedly long healthy + joyous life. 

If you do not have a chronic illness, yet want to learn more about Richer Health programs or book me for a speaking engagement, event, or workshop don't hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to connect.

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Whistler, BC


Richer Health provides health and wellness workshops, retreats, and online coaching that help you, and your loved ones, heal chronic disease and cancer using the Gerson Therapy. 

90 Minute Gerson Therapy Consultation


90 Minute Gerson Therapy Consultation

90 Minute Gerson Therapy Consulation.png
90 Minute Gerson Therapy Consulation.png

90 Minute Gerson Therapy Consultation



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Book this consultation if you want to learn more about the 4 critical components of the Gerson Therapy and to determine if the Gerson Therapy is right for you. Consultations are face to face if you live in Whistler and via Skype if you live outside of Whistler. Immediate family members may also attend. 

Rather than treating only the symptoms of a particular disease, the Gerson Therapy treats the causes of most degenerative diseases: toxicity and nutritional deficiency. The Gerson Therapy‘s whole-body approach sets it apart from other cancer and chronic disease treatment methods as it regenerates the body to health, supporting each important metabolic requirement via clinical nutrition. The Gerson Therapy is effective at treating a wide range of chronic illnesses and cancer because it restores the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.