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Nutrition Education and Healthy Food for All

The life-giving purpose of nutritious food has been forgotten and we are all suffering as result. 

Our vision is to bring a nutritional renaissance to humanity: reduce chronic disease by 50% while making our presence on Earth sustainable.

We operate restaurants, run a retreat centre, offer nutrition consulting, and author books & online education.

The modern-day food supply system is built for high volume, convenience, and low cost. While this scarcity-oriented mandate was appropriate during WWII, it needs some updating. People eat for momentary enjoyment and to get "full" - not nourished. Being physically stuffed with substances does not mean your body is getting what it needs. The symptoms of chronic diseases are treated with pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. This formula is a disaster. 

  •  1 in 2 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

  • 1 in 4 people are living with a chronic disease

  • Industrial agriculture and aquaculture are the leading contributors to global climate change. 

Over 75% of diseases are preventable and even reversible through simple lifestyle changes around diet + exercise. No drugs or products required.

Earlier Event: October 26
3-Day Eat Real to Heal Retreat
Later Event: November 23
Yoga & Nutrition Immersion retreat (2/3)