The online Eat Real to Heal program has been wonderfully informative and easy to use. Adhering to the Eat Real to Heal guidelines taught by Nicky has left me with an overwhelming sense of cleanliness both in my body and my mind. Thank you.


The Eat Real to Heal program was an awesome resource for learning how to live from a place of optimal health. I was not expecting my personal diet to be affected as much as it did, especially because I already follow a plant-based diet. However, from the program, I learned SO much!

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

When I first did the 5 weeks Eat Real to Heal challenge -yes: it was a challenge, I really committed to it and have never looked back since. It was such a beautiful gift I gave myself. I am so glad to have had that experience of how good and wonderful 'being healthy' feels. And even months after, I keep most of all the components of this nutritional therapy into my daily routine to treat my body and mind the best way I know.

Taking the Nutrition + Detox Certification course has been such a great experience in so many ways. It brought out all these different, positive qualities in me I didn't realise I had. I became way more curious, critical and hungry to discover the truth about all the misconceptions that exist around health, which I believed without questioning them.

Throughout the course, I discovered so much about our health system, the importance of a balanced life, how to connect with people, myself and how to share all this wonderful information with others. Thank you, Nicolette, for helping me getting out there as a nutritional educator!

Marie-Lynn, Nutrition + Detox Coach

I just want to share a quick note to say, I have been blown away by the amount of support I have received throughout the Nutrition + Detox Certification Course. It has felt like our own little family.

The motivation and knowledge I gained from Nicolette has driven me through the roof, class after class. I’m so thankful to have found this certification course. I’m still mind blown at how much I’ve learned in just a short 3 months. What a beautiful, talented bunch. I’m very excited and look forward to being a part of the richer health team.

Becky, Nutrition + Detox Coach

I thought I had tried everything to solve the chronic headaches that had been bothering me since I became pregnant 7 months earlier. Everything it seemed except a clean, healthy whole-food, plant-based diet.

I followed the Eat Real to Heal program as part of the 3-month Nutrition + Detox certification course and was not actively expecting or hoping that it would solve any issues. So I was surprised and grateful when my headaches went away and my sugar cravings stopped after only 2 weeks. Making the food is time-consuming but balanced out with how much more energy and ability to focus that I gained, it was time well spent.

Kevani, Nutrition + Detox Coach

I really enjoyed the short lectures of the Eat Real to Heal program; the information is easy to digest and fit into a busy schedule. Nicolette’s energy and passion shine through, which inspires learning and encourages change.

One of the biggest challenges for me was also the biggest win – applying new cooking techniques. I learned to enjoy the benefits of cooking using the long and low method and ... I also made friends again with the potato.

If you are interested in learning the science of nutrition, and discovering ways to cook that preserve maximum nutrient content, then I would definitely recommend the online Eat Real to Heal program. In my opinion,
it’s value for money given the lasting health benefits.

Hazel, Nutrition + Detox Coach

It is amazing to see the transformation in myself from the moment I first walked into the Nutrition + Detox Certification course course, to now, 3 months later, Wow! This whole experience has been life-changing for me. It has opened up new thought and new doors. I feel I have reconnected with myself and it has had a positive impact on my life. I have noticed positive changes as well with my partner, children and family life.

My favourite times were the meet-ups, as it gave me bundles of inspiration and helped to keep me focused and on track. I also really enjoyed all the drawing and writing exercises. With everyday life, it was a fairly heavy workload studying, but I’m glad I powered through. I would definitely recommend this course to others, even for the personal growth. My hope is to share the knowledge I have learned with others in many different avenues. 

Thank you, Nicolette, for leading the way.

Amber, Nutrition + Detox Coach

I went through the Eat Real to Heal program, instructed online by Nicolette Richer, in the Winter of 2017/18. Although I was in training for cycling at the time, I did go through two weeks of predominantly eating per the Eat Real to Heal protocol to be able to experience all this entails.

The online program is beneficial as it can be returned to time and time again. The coffee enema instructions and demo and the food preparation and cooking instructions are helpful to view. I really liked all the information on other detoxification methods and how to tackle the everyday toxins that surround us. Following a program like this would be so beneficial for someone who needs to focus on their health, prevent or help tackle chronic disease, or as a general health- giving eating plan most days.

Colleen, Community Vegan

The 3-month experience of  the Nutrition + Detox Certification course has been so wonderful. I absolutely loved learning about all the content we discussed and the resources I was lead to use. I feel newly inspired in my career as a nutritionist/ health educator. The course reminded me what a need there is for people to be educated on using food as medicine and allowing their bodies to heal themselves.

I most enjoyed our meet-ups (via Skype for some of us) and connecting with Nicolette and the others taking the course. I would certainly recommend the course to ANYONE with a passion for health and wellness. I am walking away from the course inspired, excited, and dedicated to sharing the knowledge I have learned to help others on their healing journeys.

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

The greatest gift of the 3-month Nutrition + Detox certification course has been the knowledge of health to share with my closest that I love so much. Nicky is just a joy to listen to and a total inspiration, I feel ready to fly! 


I attended a presentation at my workplace during health and safety week. I had no idea the lasting impact Nicolette’s presentation would have on me. Instead of the usual “stretch at your desk” type tips, I was introduced to the concept of true optimal health. I realized that my status quo view of “healthy” was not enough in this day and age. I accepted colds, migraines, fatigue and food allergies as a part of my life.

Shortly after her presentation, I explored and implemented her recommendations and saw a positive transformation. It is not ok to accept feeling anything less than fantastic. I now believe that we can enable our bodies to heal and that we can unlock this power by incorporating certain habits in the routine of our modern busy lives.

Ellen, Spark Kombucha

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Nicolette's talks and workshops and can attest that she is an excellent speaker. From captivating stories of individuals who have found health and healing by introducing clean, organic nutrition into their lives, to detailed facts about health and the biology of our bodies, Nicolette is one of the most invigorating and engaging speakers I have witnessed. In addition to her wealth of knowledge, her warm and caring nature is shared so generously with the audience and I always find myself feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered after one of her talks. 

I have not only attended Nicolette's talks as a member of the audience, I also invited Nicolette to speak at a screening of the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer that I hosted through Earthsave Whistler. Nicolette didn't hesitate to volunteer her time to help at this event and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would high recommend Nicolette as both a speaker and workshop host.

Hayley, Earthsave Whistler

I encourage everyone to attend Nicolette's seminars where you'll learn the importance of both nutrition and detoxification discovered through Eating Real to Heal. I also recommend her PSYCH-K® sessions to shift patterns in oneself or one's life. PSYCH-K® is a technique recommended by Bruce Lipton who's research revealed the science of epigenetics; how we live our lives affects our DNA.

And I adore Nicolette's restaurant, The Green Moustache, for it's commitment to quality organic meals and beverages and the friendly loving vibe of the team making it all happen.


Nicolette ran a workshop on nutrition and health for our Food Skills and Nutrition Program developed for low income seniors and families. The participants were excited about the information and the recipes they came away with. The next day, two people approached me and mentioned they had made a smoothie following one of her recipes, and many expressed interest in working with Nicolette longer term to improve their own health.


We are always honoured to have Nicolette speaking and cooking on our Culinary Stage at Nourish.  Her events are some of our highest attended and there is always a buzz in the room after everyone has eaten. People leave feeling energized, empowered and excited to incorporate what they have learned into their lifestyles.  She is passionate, warm, very knowledgeable and her positivity is contagious. She is spreading a beautiful message and we are always pleased to give her a platform to do so!


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